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Business Tax Services

Business tax problems affect companies of all sizes, across all industries and should not be taken lightly. Business tax problems, including payroll tax debt, misfiled tax returns, or IRS audits can put any business at risk, so you must take action immediately with the assistance of a tax resolution professional that can bring your business back into IRS compliance.

Incorporation Filing & Setup

How your business is incorporated and legally setup is crucial to the future of your business, and can have a detrimental impact if not done properly. Our licensed business tax attorneys and CPAs help businesses plan for the future by filing all incorporation and partnership documentation with the IRS and State officials.

Worker Classification Errors

If the IRS suspects that you may have misclassified your workers(1099 or W2 filing), you may face serious consequences. If you have received a notice from the IRS which challenges your classifications, it is imperative that you consult with a business tax filing professional to rectify the issue.

Overstated Tax Return Deductions

We all make mistakes when it comes to statements on our IRS tax returns. If the IRS is disagreeing with how you’ve categorized an expense, you will most likely be targeted for an audit, and be forced to substantiate your deductions with receipts or other documentation. If this happens to you, a business tax filing expert like our CPAs and tax attorneys can help bring clarity to the "do's and don'ts" of filing expense deductions.

International Business Services

We also work with U.S. residents involved in foreign business entities to ensure their business and payroll filing is compliant with any and all international tax regulations. In addition, we work with residents with offshore investments to ensure proper compliance with FATCA, FBAR, and other foreign investment regulations by the U.S. Treasury.

We pride ourselves in being a professional resource for businesses of all sizes when it comes to maintaining healthy tax compliance. If you are a business owner experiencing tax problems of any kind, or looking to setup a new entity and need sound guidance to setup your business, our business tax help professionals are at your service.


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