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IRS Audit Representation

Tax audits are a very common tool the IRS or State Treasury uses to confirm information on tax return. Audits come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the nature of your tax filing, and in some cases originate from random selection. In many cases, you have one chance to provide the correct information and settle the audit, so make sure you are equipping yourself with the proper information and/or professional to represent your best interests, and settle the audit.

Types of Audits

Although most audits are minor, there are situations where the IRS suspects criminal activity on your tax filing, and resorts to more intrusive measures. There are mainly 2 types of audits worth knowing about:

1. Correspondence Audit is the most common form of audit, where the taxpayer receives a follow-up letter from the IRS requesting certain information or documentation to support the substance of your tax returns. Common examples would be proof of income or expenses to substantiate deductions or income on your returns.

2. Field Audit is reserved for situations where the IRS suspects more serious fraud or errors on your tax filing, and needs to substantiate your tax returns in person by showing up to your home or place of business to evaluate your records.

Seek Professional Audit Representation

Should you seek professional help to properly navigate and settle your audit? To achieve the best results, yes. In some cases a tax accountant or CPA can simply help you prepare the right documentation, quick and easy. In some situations, it requires more investigating, calculations, and legal representation to make sure you are representing yourself properly to the IRS. Overall, it's important to have professional IRS audit representation on your side to secure the best possible outcome.

Pure Tax Resolution has a team of tax professionals, including tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs providing a comprehensive skillset to settle any kind of audit. We provide leverage to any taxpayer, individual or business, to ensure they are properly representing themselves and their tax filings before the IRS, with the ultimate goal to secure the best possible outcome, and reduce the risk of facing audits in the future.


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