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CPAs & Tax Accountants

Our team of seasoned CPAs and tax accountants play an important role in any successful tax resolution we secure for our clients. It takes the proper experience and knowledge to evaluate tax returns or payroll filings, identify any problems, and correct the issues to bring them back into compliance.

W-2 & 1099 Tax Filing

We provide a comprehensive suite of tax preparation and filing for any W-2 or 1099 employment status. Our accountants and CPAs have a comprehensive understanding of the latest tax codes and filing requirements to ensure our client's W-2 or 1099 taxes are filed properly.

Business & Corporate Tax Filings

Properly filing business taxes of any level requires the attention of a licensed CPA and business accounting professional. We help businesses of all sizes properly file their business tax filings, payroll taxes, and even help new entities properly file for incorporation/partnerships.

International Tax Filing

Our team of licensed CPAs and tax attorneys also have extensive experience in the realm of international tax preparation and filing. We work with clients with business entities and employment outside of the United States organize and file documentation according to international tax codes. Our attorneys also help U.S. residents with offshore investments maintain compliance with FBAR and FATCA regulations.

As a full-service tax resolution firm we provide a comprehensive suite of tax accounting, preparation, and bookkeeping for taxpayers of all statuses and origins. Rely on our seasoned tax professionals for any tax filing or compliance needs, domestically or internationally.


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