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Bank Levy & Wage Garnishment Relief

It Is Crucial To Pursue Bank Levy & Wage Garnishment Help, IMMEDIATELY

If you have received a CP-297 or a CP-90, help is right around the corner - literally. We certainly agree that every bit of your paycheck is important, so these notices should not be taken lightly.

Before the IRS garnishes your wages, they must present you two letters. The first is a warning, demanding you to pay your tax bills. The second comes if you have failed to take action after the first warning. This letter is even more serious as it is a final notice. After 30 days of no response, the IRS will take action and notify your employer to begin garnishing your wages, which can result in embarrassment.

Stop Levies & IRS Wage Garnishment Today!

It is important you do not ignore the IRS in any case, as they pursue powerful collection efforts. After you have received one of these wage garnishment notices, it is important that you contact a tax resolution specialist to shoulder the burden and put a stop to IRS wage garnishment. When you contact the professionals at Pure Tax Resolution you can rest easy, as we have experience in stopping wage garnishment within 24 hours of hire.

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